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About Me: 


My name is Ashley Bible, and I'm a high school English teacher who happily resides in a tiny Thoreau-esque cabin in East Tennessee. In addition to being a wife to a history teacher and fur mom to a shelter dog,  I'm the writer here at Building Book Love (formerly B's Book Love). I started this blog as a way to reflect on my teaching and share ideas with others. It motivates me to learn that my little blog has made a big impact in classrooms all around the world, and now my goal is to continue to make teachers' lives easier and students' lives more engaging with inspiring content!

Professional Development Offerings: 

While I'm an introvert at heart, I have recently started stepping out of my comfort zone to say "YES!" to presentation opportunities. Since my husband is pretty much the opposite of quiet, we like to team up and present as a pair. We have done presentations on using stations with secondary classes, engaging students with technology, and ways to merge ELA and history standards.

Since "sitting and getting" has never been a teaching method that has worked for my students, I strive to add movement with learning. I'm currently working on a workshop to teach others how I add engagement, movement, and learning with literary yoga, Socratic soccer ball, and stations in ELA classroom.

I'm also a believer in integrating STEM and ELA and will be published on the topic later this year (Eeekkk!!!). I have attended two summer institutes on STEM and ELA integration and would love to share some things I have learned if the opportunity presents itself!


I'm on social media: @buildingbooklove

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