Monday, April 30, 2018

Classroom Design Challenge: Planning Your Classroom Setup and Decor

This will be the home page for the 7-week classroom design challenge that will run from Sunday, May 6th- Saturday, June 23 of 2018. If you follow this challenge in real time (or get caught up before it ends), you will have a chance to win weekly prizes to help you fund your classroom decor! Be sure to sign up below! 

Background Information: 

Why I started this challenge: Even though I'm a high school teacher, I have always loved decorating my classroom because I believe that the environments you surround yourself in (home and your home away from home) have the ability to affect your mood, mindset, and quality of life. Over the years, I had built up a homey and welcoming classroom, but in 2017, my classroom when from...

While I cried at the sight of it, I’m now thankful that I was forced to completely clean out my room before leaving for my sabbatical. I’m thankful because it gave me a chance to have a fresh start and design a classroom of my dreams! 

Since I have found myself designing a classroom from scratch, I thought why not share my designing process with other teachers who are looking for classroom design inspiration as well! Thus, this 7-week challenge was born. 

If you would like to sign up for this FREE AND FUN challenge, subscribe here: 

While I will be posting tips and information on Instagram and within this blog post, you will want to be on the email list because that is where I will send you the worksheets and templates! If you are late to the party, the emails will come in order so that you can catch up. :)

Classroom Design Task 1: Clear the Clutter 

When you sign up for the challenge, you will get this decluttering worksheet to print off and help you on your decluttering mission. This worksheet goes along with one of my most popular posts: 

The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up Your Classroom 

Classroom Design Task 2: Pin Palooza 

Did you know that pinning gives you the same hit of dopamine as actually buying things? That's because studies show that it's the anticipation of a reward that increases dopamine levels rather than the actual reward. This week we are going to have lots of happy anticipation without spending a dime! Make sure you are signed up for the design challenge to get my pinning tips! If you would like to see my classroom inspiration board, you can find me on Pinterest @BuildingBookLove

Classroom Design Task 3: Notice and Note 
Now that you've pinned your heart out, it's time to notice and note what you are drawn to the most!

Classroom Design Task 4: Mood-board Mania 
After noticing and noting, it's time to narrow down your design even more by creating a mood board for your classroom design. You can create one of these very easily in PowerPoint! I have a video within my email handouts that teach you exactly how I made the mood board above. Making a mood board is easier when you find a lead piece to start your design. Can you tell which is my lead piece in this picture? Hint, I found it here: SpoonFlower. This one specific piece helped me make all of the other choices for my design! Be sure to sign up above to get help with choosing a lead piece! 

Classroom Design Task 5: Floorplan Formula
(Info coming June 3, 2018) 

Classroom Design Task 6: Blank Wall Brainstorm 
(Info coming June 10, 2018) 

Classroom Design Task 7: Actually Take Action  
(Info coming June 17, 2018) 


  1. This was me last August! I find starting with a blank slate can be so inspiring. I will definitely be following along. Maybe I'll take on some mini-projects for next year ;)

    1. My mouth fell open when I looked at your room!!! It’s gorgeous!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. I AM SO EXCITED! :)

  3. Can't wait for this! I love designing my classroom each year, but I'm struggling with what to do! I want a refresh!

  4. Jennifer SanchezMay 3, 2018 at 10:01 AM

    Looking forward to the challenge. Currently, I am the Literacy Coach at a middle school had have been given the task of designing an ELA resource room. Can't wait to get inspired!

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  6. I am moving to a new classroom next year, so the timing of your challenge is perfect.

  7. Thanks for doing this, Ashley. I'm packing up my room right now and moving to a brand new room in a new school and need ideas!!

  8. Aside from knowing when to change strategies, a classroom teacher should also know when a little creativity is summer camps