Sunday, December 4, 2016

DIY Harry Potter Scrolls: How to make scrolls for prints and posters

Fun fact about me: Waaaayyyyy before I started a teaching blog, I had a crafting blog. I haven't posted to in about 3 years, but sometimes I find myself missing posting tutorials. I thought that these DIY scrolls would be a great way to fill the craft blog void because even though I have these hanging in our new tiny cabin, they could totally be used to make cheap and classy looking poster displays for classrooms. :)

The tutorial image above pretty much sums up how easy these are to make, but I want to further explain a few things that may be confusing.

Common questions: 

1. Where do you get your prints printed? I always use Staples because that is the only option in my little town.  These aren't posters because I'm cheap. These are printed on regular printer huge sizes called engineering prints. The ones pictured above are 24x36. This is my go-to size because go big or go home, right?? In the past, I've only had the option of black and white engineering prints, and you can see how I've made these work in my Harry Potter classroom here:

As you might have heard though, Staples now offers COLOR engineering prints. Yasssss. In full disclosure however, my local store had no idea what I was talking about when I asked for these. Determined to make this work, I asked what my options were. I told them that I wanted the cheapest colored 24x36 print I could get. They obliged and printed me off these two prints for $6 each (they used a huge roll of copy paper thin paper for a huge color printed they have)

2. Can you have front and back options? Yes. Since we live in a semi-tiny house and don't have anywhere to store Christmas decorations, my original and genius-level idea was to put these Christmas prints on the back of our year-long photos that hang here. However, being the "genius" that I am, I didn't actually measure the picture sizes because I assumed I had used the same 24x36 that I always do... WRONG. #scrollmakingfail

But in theory, yes. You can have prints on the front and back as long as you double your wood slabs. I even found this super cute tutorial showing how to use magnets to switch out the prints more often.

3.Where do you find your prints that big? When printing prints this big, you have to make sure your have high resolution. I use Photoshop to make my posters and prints, but if you don't have Photoshop, you can buy prints from Etsy (or search blogs for free printables). *Most* regular 8x10 prints by designers on ETSY will be a high enough resolution and quality to blow up to larger sizes. However, be sure to ask before you purchase if it isn't clear AND be sure to click the "scale to fit" before having it printed.

***Note, I always take my prints on a jumpdrive into Staples to order because even though it's 2016, I just feel better about talking to someone about it before having such a large print made. Ha! They always scale it for me. :)

If you would like to check out my Etsy store for the prints above, you can find that here: Prints from a Page. I also highly recommend my friend Tara's store: Heart of Life Design 

4. Do I have to own power tools to make these? No. Lowes will cut the thin wood strips for you. You only need to know how long you want them. If your print is 24 inches wide, then you will want your boards around 29 inches long. 

5. How do I follow you for all things Harry Potter? Ok, so I made this one up, but I would love for you to follow me on Instagram or on my Harry Potter classroom Pinterest board 
Instagram @Bsbooklove 

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