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Tis the Season: How to add a little holiday spice to your seonday classroom

Thank you for stopping by! I've teamed up with some awesome secondary teachers for a holiday blog hop. Read my responses to the topics below then be sure to go check out the rest of the bloggers as well! May your holiday season be filled with well-behaved students and lots of mulled wine. ;) 

1.  One way you bring meaning to the season for your students:
I love thinking of clever ways to bring a little of the holiday season into my classroom. Since I teach high school, I can't go too over-the-top, but I bring in a few lessons that can be used with any text so that I can make our lessons festive without sacrificing my normal curriculum schedule. Here is a favorite: Ugly Christmas Sweater Symbolism to use with ANY text

Here's another newly added lesson to bring in some root word practice during the holiday season: 

As far as bringing the meaning of the season into my classroom, I focus on giving. Since there are always so many donation drives going on for kids, I choose to do a classroom drive for our local humane society. I'm a huge animal lover and adopted my precious Hank 8 years ago after finding him from a rescue group on Each year I put up a cat and dog tree in my room and students bring in gifts for the animals. Students really love doing this type of charity and learn a lot about compassion. 

Our "baby" :) 

2.  One way you bring meaning to the season for your family:
 Since we are both teachers, we always sponsor a few of our students who won't be getting anything for Christmas otherwise. Our schools round up the names and wish lists, and we get to shop for them. Even though the students will never know who the gifts are from, this tradition brings me so much joy. I always pick out a student in need that I have taught and love the challenge of finding the perfect gifts to match their personality and style. 

3. One thing you have on your TpT wishlist
 I'm teaching a brand new class next semester that is more of an "English for the real world" type of class, so I'm hoping to get Serial approved to teach just in time for Adnan's new hearing. To teach this unit,  I plan to use this lesson pack.  I think that this type of Common Core learning will be perfect for the seniors in my new class! 

4) One thing you have on your own wishlist:

I pretty much have every new Harry Potter product on my Amazon wishlist. These include the newly illustrated version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and the new adult coloring book.  Check out my Harry Potter classroom if you are a fan yourself! 

One thing you are looking forward to this season: 
I could go with something mushy here, but I will go with the truth--SNOW DAYS  #hollerifyouhearme

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