Saturday, September 26, 2015

Into the Wild Unit Plan

One thing I've noticed from teaching Into the Wild the past three years is that if I can keep my students on track with the complicated plot, then they absolutely adore this nonfiction novel. However, if they get lost in the flashbacks and changing settings, then I've lost them forever. To ensure that all students are able to keep up with and connect to this beautiful story, I have designed a flipbook that will keep ALL of their novel activities, notes, and evidence in one nicely organized location. 

As an added bonus, I channeled the teachings of nature lovers like McCandless and Thoreau and designed this flipbook to be double-sided. It uses EVERY inch of both sides of copy paper and requires NO cutting. It only took me about a 100 tries to get the fonts turned the correct way to accomplish this feat. Ha ;) 

You can find this Common Core-Aligned unit plan (includes activities for EACH chapter, teacher unit notes, answer keys, and final unit test with answer key) in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store: Into the Wild Unit Plan 

If you would prefer to watch a Youtube video giving instructions on how to put this flipbook together, follow this link: Into the Wild Flipbook . I got into greater detail in the video, so I suggest watching it at least once! 

Updated: I have now added in a regular handout option to my unit for those who prefer to use the activities as individual activities rather than in a flipbook format! 

Here are the written instructions for the flipbook:
1. Fold each sheet of paper on the "fold" line provided. Each fold line is numbered so that they are easier to keep organized in case papers go awry.  Please make sure to fold to where the "fold here" words appear on the top, visible crease. 

2. Slide each newly folded paper into the one before it 

Keep going until you are out of papers (there are 9 double-sided pages for each student)
Once you get to the last page, you should be able to flip that page up and see 9 new (once hidden) tabs. The first one will say "Into the Wild Continued" 

 If it looks like the photos above, then you have it right. Once you are certain everything is in the right location, straighten your flipbook ensuring each page is tucked tightly into the others. Then, put two staples one the first tab where it says "Staple, Staple." 

Here is what the finished product will look like: 

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