Sunday, August 2, 2015

Harry Potter-ish Themed Classroom

As a high school teacher, I don't normally make a huge deal out of classroom decorations. I've only had two classroom "themes" the past 9 years that I've taught. This is my second and most likely last one. Not because I'm lazy, but because I love it so much. ;) ha! 

One of the many reasons the Harry Potter books will always have a place in my heart is because of the wonderful teaching role models Hogwarts provides. I'm hoping some of their enchantment will inspire me as I spend my days in this room teaching students for not the real world (that is a world that they already know way too much about), but for a better world--- a magical world. 

All of the items below were either gleaned from my basement or found at yard sales and thrift stores. I think I ended up spending around $25 for the new makeover. I hope you enjoy taking a look!

DIY scroll made from free rolls of paper from our local newspaper office, an old curtain rod, and these amazing track ceiling plant holders I found at Lowes (I couldn't find the link for Lowes, but they look exactly like the ones I linked and were in the ceiling tile section). 

I made my word wall and signs with free Harry Potter fonts. For more on how and why I use word walls with older students check out this post: How and Why to Use Word Walls with Older Students 

These posters were made and printed at Staples as engineering prints for 3.99. 

This year I've added Harry Potter literary device posters and Harry Potter growth mindset novel study to start out the year with the right frame of mind!

These are DIY dry erase boards made from old poster frames (just turn the poster to the white side). 
 Notice all of the owls--lots of owls!
I painted these myself at various art party nights :) 

Best thrift store find!! $10 for all this! Boom!

Pegboard bookshelf here: Harry Potter Home Office

And lastly my favorite-- my Edison bulb above my desk and computer! I just know this is going to spark all kinds of creativity for me :) I made this by buying a lamp kit and using those plant hanger hooks I talked about earlier in this post. 

I think I accomplished my goal of adding a touch of Harry Potter magic without going too over-the-top since this is a secondary classroom. Now I can finally get to work on planning since my room is so cute and clean!