Tuesday, December 11, 2018

A Gift Guide for English Teachers

A Gift Guide for English Teachers

Since I'm an English teacher, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of gifts ideas for other English teachers. If you are a student who has happened upon this page, bless you. Your English teachers are the hardest working teachers you have--trust me-- and any token of appreciation will be cherished (just skip over the libation related gifts on the list 😉). For others who are here perhaps to find a teacher exchange gift or a fun gift for one of your English teacher friends, I hope this list gives you some helpful ideas! The prices range from $3 to under $20, so I've covered all budgets with this English teacher gift guide.

A Gift Guide for English Teachers 

1. Literary Coloring Books- Coloring can reduce stress and spark creativity, so these literary-themed coloring books are perfect for English teachers! I've linked some of my favorites below.

2. Book Title Lip Balm-  At just 3.95, these literary-themed lip balms make an inexpensive yet thoughtful gift for an English teacher team member. This Etsy shop has lots of clever titles and flavors to choose from.

3. Bookish Tea- Any English teacher who enjoys tea will appreciate these literary novel-TEAS . Each tea bag comes individually wrapped with a literary quote of the day. How sweet is that!?

4. Magnetic Poetry-  These word magnets make for a fun and quirky gift that your favorite English teacher might not think to buy his or herself, but will appreciate nonetheless. The little boxes of words can provide hours of entertainment and inspiration!

5. Popsockets for Book Lovers- If your English teacher uses PopSockets, then these book-themed ones will be sure to make their literature-loving heart happy.

6. Literary Drink Book- Not that any of my English teacher friends would need a drink after a long day of trying to teach adolescents to fall in love with literature in the same way they connect with and adore it, but just in case, here is this punny recipe book: Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist

7. Poetry Wine Supplies- Keeping with the theme above, I love this wine stopper and its quote: “Wine is Bottled Poetry” . You can find a wine class with the same message here: “Wine is Bottled Poetry” Wine Glass

8. Punny Pencils-  I feel like pencils are the new flair pens, especially when they have hip sayings like these! I love that there are so many English-teacher specific ones to choose from and that they are affordable ranging from $3.75- $10 a pack.

9. Bookish Mug- I normally wouldn’t put a coffee mug on the list since they tend to be overdone, but for this one, I will make an exception because it’s THE COOLEST EVER. It’s from Out of Print and the blacked out banned book titles are revealed every time the mug gets hot! It’s magical! 

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10. Book-themed Ornament- To add a homemade idea from the heart, check out Mrs. Orman's Literature-Inspried Ornament. All you need is an old copy of your English teacher's favorite book and a plastic ornament! 

11. Literary Christmas Cards- Lastly, if you want to hand out some puntastic cards to your coworkers or students, I designd these Literary Christmas Cards that are a hoot. 

For even more ideas, check out the bottom of my post here: Keeping the Wonder Workshop at the Edgar Allan Poe Museum . It's full of amazing gift ideas from our partners! 

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